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S.I.C.. (birth name Daniel Alexander Bishop) .. an up and coming Producer/Rapper. Born And raised in the city of Detroit Michigan. Currently working with acts out of Detriot and with production/rapping partner the Kidd Y.B. Together created the rising production company “Dreamstreet Music Group”

S.I.C. began developing his talents as a producer at the age of 17 & has been recording/rapping since 14. Now at the age of 21 S.I.C. is coming with a new exciting sound..influenced by multi platinum producer and uncle Teddy Alexander Bishop..who has produced hits for Artist such as Aaliyah, Lloyd, Toni Braxton, Letoya Luckett Sterling Simms, Usher, B2k and many more. S.I.C. also was musically inspired by hip hop producers Doc. Dre, T-Pain, Akon, Manny Fresh and Timbaland. “ As a kid I was intrigued by the creation of music watching my uncle produce records and then I started listening to all kinds of music and different producers to even further develop my skills says S.I.C.”

Growing up in the hoods of Detroit, I had to be careful not to get caught up in these streets because it can easily happen. I’m thankful that God gave me a gift and a vision that I can stay focused on to keep myself and my partners out of trouble ya dig?

S.I.C.’s arsenal of weapon to create with are: Mpc 5000
Logic 8 studio
M-Audio controllers
M-audio interface
Yamaha NS-10 monitors and Events
Uncle ted and young daniel

Teddy Bishop and then 9 years old Daniel Bishop. Like uncle Like Nephew.

Jazzy Pha T.Bishop Daniel

Producers Jazzy Pha, Teddy Bishop, and Daniel Bishop A.K.A. S.I.C.
cool pose d.bishop

My goal in this hip hop game is to be a good business man, create real hip hop again, and to just have fun making music that will touch and inspire people through the power of my music.