It’s a rare thing in the music business that you come across and artist like Sunni Stephens. This upcoming pop diva with her Janet Jackson like flair gets it going on stage and in the studio. She dedicates herself day and night working on her craft to be one of the best performers in the game. “It’s all about performance and stage presents for me” says Sunni Stephens who has a vast knowledge of music as she works out everyday listing to everything from Miley Cyrus Prince to Drake, Country to Opera, but of course her energy draws from the Icon of woman performers in the game Janet Jackson. “Study the greatest and you will be the greatest” say Sunni Stephens.

Keep it movin and stay in “Control” 🙂

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  1. I’m disappointed that you would post this. I was at this performance and it was horrible. I’ve seen Sunni Stephens in Atlanta as well and thought it was just as bad. I have always given credit where its due. I thought I’d give her a chance by going to the show in Miami and wanted to walk out along with a whole group of people whom I didn’t even know nor I didn’t say anything to about how I thought she was terrible. They had worse things to say and I kept quiet. That’s how I knew it wasn’t just me. Outside of the performance, she has no sex appeal unless she’s dealing with only lesbians or gays. I have nothing against catering to that crowd but at least be good! She did not sell her performance nor did she fool the people she greeted with her false persona. I’m sorry, but I’ve known your work Teddy for years and I’m shocked that you would endorse her. It often bothers me when people praise talent just for the sake of it. Its not fair to the artist. I have also been in the music business for over 20 years and have worked with artists and record labels my entire career. There is NO comparison or even a candle light to Janet Jackson or any other recording artists out there. Although, it is my opinion, and I am only one brave enough to write it, but if you really took a poll in the real world, you’d probably take this down. On another note, I do love your site and have always appreciated your work for many years. Look forward to hearing great things to come for you still in this harsh world of the music industry.

  2. I tend to browse and comment on blog sites that have to do with the media or the music industry because most of them give light on different perspectives instead of what’s just reported in the mainstream media so I can appreciate your site Teddy Bishop. Keep up the great work and site. I read the it from time to time. I felt time to actually make a comment. Secondly, regarding the comment above, I must truly agree because I, too, have been present at MORE than one of Sunni Stephens performances, and that was only because of the PR music executive work that I do, it required me to be at them. So, I am speaking from first-hand knowledge. I was never impressed. My intention is not to be all negative, but let’s keep it real, sometimes you have to call it like it is. Whether a person works hard everyday or not, the truth is, some have IT and some just DON’T. That’s one of the biggest problems in the music industry today but artists are endorsed anyway. In my opinion, there is nothing attractive, sexy or natural about this artist, on or off the stage, no matter what your sexual preference. Thanks Mr. Bishop for providing an outlet for real talk on your site.

  3. Great site Teddy Bishop. Known about you for years in the game. I believe that you have always had a good eye for talent. But I have to say that I’ve been around a long time in music as an A&R and executive media producer. Sunni Stephens….. doesn’t hit the mark, neither on the dance floor or off. But I’m glad you leave a forum open to keep it real. Bless my brotha!

  4. I have to agree with the above post. I actually know this artist. Not attractive on or off the stage. I always appreciate artists that work hard, but like the above said.. at least be good. At least be able to really sing.. Be real of stage. I have no interest in an artist that uses for the sake of a so called career. I am not necessarily trying to be negative at anyone trying to do their thing, but call it like it is. Being in the business and working with sooo many artists, I know the difference. On another note, I think this is a good site with great articles Mr. Bishop. I look forward to reading more.. but hopefully not on this artist. But I think you keep it real by allowing real opinions, whether good or bad. That sets this apart from most sites like this. Thank you.

  5. This is a very good site Mr. Bishop. I haven’t surfed for a while. Just figured I take some time on here. I came across this one and wondered why I agreed so much with the post b4. THIS artist is soooo uninformed. I have known this artist ON and OFF the stage. NOT attractive on or off. I’ve been on the music seen all over the world with top to bottom artist and I still wouldn’t waste my time on this one. The songs are wack. The performances are sleezy and looks terrible. I as at a Center Stage performance that just turned me off as a man. I thought the era where female artist work hard meant that they work hard performing and not work hard at using(and not in a HOLY way either) people was outdated. I’m sorry but it it what it is. And like someone said, too many people lie to these artists and make them feel like they really have it. Now I’ll play devils advocate for a sec and lets say she does get a contract or song on the radio etc.. I bet the bank that it won’t last. She’s corny and not as attractive as she makes her own self out to be. Self confidence is great and all but give me a break! Thanks Mr. Bishop for allowing people on here to keep it real. Everyone is definitely entitled to their own opinion. Yes, my opinion is strong, but I honestly haven’t heard anything less that negative(in all aspects) about this “artist”. People need to keep it real. This industry has enough untalented people in it and money problems as it is..

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